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Current Product Offerings
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 CHZ 1500   Grate Deal!  QuickiCheeze® Model 1500 4-speed cheese grater with fine/course selection.  $49.95   $39.95  Update 
 CLR 218   Clock/Radio Lunchbox!  It's a clock!
No!, It's a radio!
No!, It's a lunchbox!
It's a clock/radio/lunchbox!
 $64.00   $82.00  Update 
 ED 0013   Rock on, dude!  Edison® Model 13 CD changer never needs batteries. Just turn the crank and get ready to rock!  $45.00   $81.00  Update 
 ED 0015   Phone To Go!  Edison® Model 15 cellular phone with battery pack. Adjustable headset fits all.  $59.95  with 6 month service contract.  $49.95  Update 
 ED 0048   Laptop Computer!  Who needs a keyboard? Edison® Model 48 laptop taps into your brainwaves for the simplest user interface yet!  $43.00   $1.00  Update 
 FG 800   Join the
Space Age! 
Flash Gordon® vacuum cleaner cleans rugs in, we won't say it! Includes warp drive adapter.  $87.00   $1.00  Update 
 FLX 0958   Felix the Clock!  Hickory dickory dock, the mouse runs away from this clock! Elegant feline styling.  $49.95   $39.95  Update 
 FRZ 2000   Cool Deal!  QuickiFreeze® Model 2000 high-performance refrigerator with top-mounted turbocharger and automatic ice-maker.  $899.95   $699.95  Update 
 HAL 9000   New For 2003!  HAL 9000 computer never distorts data and plays a mean game of chess. System upgrade includes pod bay door patch.  $1,200,000.00   $999,999.95  Update 
 LAV 0001   Lava Lamp Extravaganza!  3-for-1 sale on all lava lamps in stock.  $27.50  each  $27.50  /3-pack Update 
 LGO 0023   Lego My Phone!  Lego® Model 23 desk phone.
Some assembly required.
 $49.95   $39.95  Update 
 NaCl 0013   Shake It Up!  PanaSony precision electric salt shaker.  $29.95   $19.95  Update 
 OJ 1800   Juicy Deal!  QuickiJuice® Model 1800 high-performance juicer pulverizes those fruits and veggies with patented Dyna-Squeeze™ action!  $67.00   $21.00  Update 
 PHL 0692   Video Value!  Philco swivel-top TV with DVD changer in an attractive streamlined chassis.  $724.95   $599.95  Update 
 R2-D5   Task Teminator!  R2-D5 robot cleans house in a jiffy, does light repair work and tax returns. Warning: does not like dogs or small children.  $64.00   $6.00  Update 
 STV 215   Hot Deal!  Portable range with microwave. Space-age design. Durable porcelain finish.  $499.95   $399.95  Update 
 U 235   Atomic Clock!  Never be late for an appointment again! Lead shielded. NRC certified.  $139,000.00   $128,000.00  Update 
 VR 1000   Virtual Value!  Explore new worlds! Virtual reality helmet includes Man From UNCLE virtual reality game.  $359.95   $299.95  Update