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Raymond J. Sullivan
Web Programming/Design

My current project in development.

This is the parent site for a planned array of portals to local entertainment in some of the larger cities in North America. Click on a city link to go to the portal devoted to that city.

Currently, each city site contains links to local broadcasting stations as well as major league, minor league, and division I college sports. The New York City and Chicago sites currently contain the most content. In time I expect to include other types of local entertainment: more sports, plus movies, theatre, museums, etc.

The sites are driven with PHP and a MySQL database, and generate revenue via Google adsense and an Amazon storefront.

Crazy Joe's Appliances
1st Place, College Division, Joliet Junior College 2003 Web Design Contest.

(In progress.) A database-driven site designed as a parody of a commercial website, allowing the user to play the roles of:

Customer--browse the website, add items to your shopping cart, register/log in and place an order.

Webmaster--set prices, move products from one web page to another.

Order Processing Clerk--add, update or delete customer orders.

Joliet Junior College Tour (local copy)
This is a project I did as a web design intern at Joliet Junior College in fall of 2004. It has not yet been made available to the public. (JJC copy.)


My current job.

Applied XHTML standards to main company websites CintronicsOnline.com and FinishLineService.com, and resolved browser-compatibility issues. Used server-side includes, PHP scripts, and Cascading Style Sheets to achieve site-wide design consistency.

Created Zen Cart based company sub site WyseStore.com, and am currently transitioning company sub sites SurveillanceOnline.com and POSWorldOnline.com to Zen Cart.

Created sub site ThatsASite.com for our template-based web design/development service.

Applied search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to attain first page
rankings in Google, Yahoo, and MSN for our thin client products at WyseStore.com.

Client Login Demo
A database-driven site that allows your company to make a restricted-access page available to each of its client companies. This page could be used to make a project status report available to certain personnel in  the client company. The user logs in and is taken directly to his company's page.

Signs By John
A template-based site--no programming.

Panther Sports Club Administration Demo
Dynamic Technical Web Site, Joliet Junior College 2004 Web Design Contest.

A local demo version of the site I created for the Panther Sports Club in Bolingbrook in 2004 (the club has since changed their site design).

It is a database-driven website for a girl's sports club.

The database holds team rosters, game schedules, scores, etc. Each team's game schedule is generated from the same database. Division standings are calculated automatically.

This site includes administration pages so you can add/delete/modify teams, players, games, scores, etc.

I periodically reset the database to a known state, so any changes you make will eventually disappear.

Flash Projects
Oooh, scary stuff!

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