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JJC Main Campus:

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Academic Skills (J 2013) Adjunct Faculty Center (J 1007) Administrative Offices (J − 2nd Floor) Admissions (J 1005) Agricultural Sciences (A 1019) Arboretum Art Gallery (J 2001) Athletic Fields Athletic Trophies Athletics (G 1001) Board Room (J 2026) Bookstore (J 1010) Bus Stop Business Education (T 2040) Cafeteria (J − Ground Floor) Campus Police (G 1013) Career Services (D 1010) Child Care Center (B 1001) CIOS (T 2037) (Computer Information & Office Systems) Conference Center (T 1001−1008) Counseling (J 1037) Culinary Arts (J 0008) Cyber Cafe (D 1005) Ecology Preserve English (C 1050) Financial Aid (J 1045) Fine Arts (K 2008) Fine Arts Theatre (K 1000) Fitness Center (G 1003) Foreign Language (C 1050) Freedom Shrine Graduation Office (J 2020) Gymnasium (G 2007) Horticultural Sciences (A 1019) Human Resources (J 1057) Laura A. Sprague Art Gallery (J 2001) Library (J − 3rd Floor) Mathematics (E 1029) Natural Science (E 1043) Nature Trail Nursing and Allied Health (C 1047) Payment Center (J 1002) Physical Education (E 1043) Planetarium (F 1001) Registration (J 1009) Social & Behavioral Sciences (J 4002) Student Accommodations and Resources − STAR (J 2025) STAR Resource Room (J 2009) Student Services (D 1010) T Conference Center (T 1001−1008) Technical (T 1070) Transfer Center (D 1019) Veterans Affairs (J 1045) Veteran's Memorial Veterinary Medical Technology (V 1048)
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