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Adjunct Faculty Center (J 1007) Administrative Offices (J − 2nd Floor) Arboretum Art Gallery (J 2001) Athletic Fields Athletic Trophies Board Room (J 2026) Bus Stop Cafeteria (J − Ground Floor) Campus Police (G 1013) Conference Center (T 1001−1008) Cronin Schoolhouse Ecology Preserve Fine Arts Theatre (K 1000) Fitness Center (G 1003) Freedom Shrine Gymnasium (G 2007) Housing Human Resources (J 1057) Laura A. Sprague Art Gallery (J 2001) Library (J − 3rd Floor) Nature Trail Parking Planetarium (F 1001) T Conference Center (T 1001−1008) Veteran's Memorial
Nature Trail Nature Trail Nature Trail Symbols
North Visitor & Student Parking (North Lot 2) North Staff Parking (North Lot 1) Nature Trail East Visitor & Student Parking (East Lot 1)
Ecology Preserve North Entrance -- Electric Door Nature Trail East Visitor & Student Parking (East Lots 2 & 3)
K Building (Fine Arts) J Building (General Offices) Nature Trail Nature Trail Arboretum
H Building (Bridge) T Building (Business & Technology Center)
Cronin Schoolhouse A Building (Agriculture)
Nature Trail D Building (Student Services)
Nature Trail Savanna Restoration Project G Building (Fitness Center, Gymnasium) F Building (Planetarium) E Building C Building C Building -- Electric Door East Court East Court -- Elevators
East Staff Parking (East Lot 4) East Visitor & Student Parking (East Lot 4)
Savanna Restoration Project South Entrance -- Electric Door C Building B Building
Tennis Courts Track & Football Boiler House V Building (Veterinary Medical Technology)
Kaskaskia (KK) Building Highland (HL) Building
South Visitor & Student Parking (South Lots 1 & 2) Rend Lake (RL) Building
Sauk Valley (SV) Building
Kishwaukee & Waubonsee (KW & WB) Buildings
Baseball Centennial Commons
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Centennial Commons -
Joliet Junior College's Student Residential Facility.
Century Campus Housing Management
1524 Centennial Drive
Joliet, IL 60431
(815) 730-1020 Fax (815) 730-9116
Email:  housing@jjc.edu
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Why Live On Campus?
black arrow Besides the obvious advantages - being close to classes and campus activities, access to community resources - studies show that students living on campus actually have a better opportunity for growth and success.
Access to Community Resources
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black arrow But forget all that practical stuff! The fact is living at Centennial Commons is FUN! Lots of activities, lots of friends and the privacy of apartment living make this the best place to get the most out of your "college experience."

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